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Longmont Fall Magazine 2015, Longmont, Colorado

Family Harvest Time: Get Out and Experience Our Land, Agriculture & Community by Rhema Zlaten

Living Arts School’s Director, Elizabeth Uhrich, talks about our children’s need to connect to our agrarian heritage.

Radio Listener

Best Choice Schools, Online Resource

25 Inspiring Folk Schools Rooted in Community and Traditional Know-How

Living Arts School made the grade!  See us in the list of Inspiring Folk Schools West of the Mississippi River.

KGNU Community Radio, Boulder, Colorado

The Living Arts School by Caterina Zischke-Rincon

A wonderful story about the folk school, including an interview with LAS Director, Elizabeth Uhrich.  Worth a listen!

Daily Camera Newspaper, Boulder, Colorado

Boulder’s Living Arts School teaches folk arts, lost skills by Cindy Sutter

The first article written about Colorado’s folk school!

Grist-A Beacon in the Smog

Back to the land again: Folk schools teach skills for modern-day survival by Lori Rotenberk

Be inspired!  An excellent article about folk schools and their relevance in today’s world.

Living Crafts Magazine

A Folk School Education by Jason Gold

This article is filled with beautiful pictures and descriptions of the many offerings to be found at a folk school.  Scroll down the page until you reach the Living Crafts Magazine Scribd entry.

Concentrate Media

Step Back: Michigan Folk School Teaches Old Skills With A New Purpose by Dennis Archambault

A great read about the Mi Folk School in Superior Township, Michigan.

Associated Press

Folk schools tap into skills from a different time


Friends of the Folk School

Shepherd Valley Waldorf School




We are so grateful to SVWS, for all their love and support, and for their ongoing partnership with the Living Arts School.  Looking for a great school?  Click on the image above to visit their website.


Laughing Coyote Project

Our good friends Gelsey and Neal run an amazing primitive living skills program just outside of Boulder.


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